Spooky Hack 

Yesterday we went out for a small hack with someone else from the yard. It was lucky the horse was sensible as Eva wasn’t feeling partiularly brave. She would try and be brave but then act like one of those toys that you push the button from underneath and the legs collapse due to something giving her a fright. Or she would be walking along quite happily stop suddenly and then side step so we there neatly in behind our friend 🙈

Although I probably didn’t help her much as I mostly sat and laughed at her reactions while she was trying to dodge invisible monsters. Silly girly 🐴

4 thoughts on “Spooky Hack 

  1. Last summer my horse, Biasini, had a curious phase where he would go south, east or north in the forest trails but not west. If I took a trail that led west he would go for about 20 ft and then stop and start backing up. If I chose a trail in any other direction he was fine. I could not figure it out. Then about a week later I heard a bear had been sighted in the forest. I have to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he must have smelt it. But horses can be funny about things out hacking.

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