To catch or not to catch, that is the frustration

I briefly mentioned in an earlier post that my mare can be a little “funny” catching sometimes and to be honest it can be very frustrating for me.

A month will go past were she will catch everyday absolutely fine then the next month I have to be ready to wait 20 minutes before she will come in.

What does she do ?

Will she come in with food ?

Nope, she will ignore me while I get mugged by other horses so I don’t put myself in that situation.

Does she run away from me across the field?

Nope, not all the time, granted there will be days like this but most of the time she will circle me sometimes just close enough that it looks like she is going to catch but still too far way to be caught.

The thing is, on this circle I can lunge her. I can ask her to trot I can even ask her to canter and then I can get her to go back down the transitions. Not by chasing her. No. The smart arse is voice commanded.

Although this only lasts up to a point. A very convenient point. At the point in the school were I would ask her to come in, she does. She knows at the end of a lunging session she joins me in the middle for a pat and sometimes a treat. However in the field she suddenly be becomes deaf to that command, although she will stop and stand still, as if contemplating her options. If I move towards her she will start to walk on again.

The best solution I have come up with, other than taking all other horses out of the field, is to just wait and eventually she will roll her eyes and stand still.

When I eventually catch her she puts a face on like butter wouldn’t melt. “Oh this is what you were wanting from me?” “Aye, pal go no be wide” ย (Yes dear, don’t play dumb)

5 thoughts on “To catch or not to catch, that is the frustration

  1. That’s frustrating. My mare will run away from to the farthest reaches of her pasture then stand and watch as I walk to her. Most of the time she stands still and let’s me catch her no big deal. Lately she has been running around. Ugh

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  2. My mare fortunately does only an abbreviated version of the “hard to catch” act. Most of the time she simply stands there while I walk up and then lets me halter her and away we both go. Every once in a while she decides, for reasons known only to her, the she is not in the mood to be caught and taken off to work. At these times, she sees me coming from a distance, looks straight at me, then turns and walks a very short distance away with her bum facing me. Having made her point, she will wait for me to come and get her without further action. I used to have to go out to the pasture occasionally and catch a gelding who did not want to be caught. I found that it took persistence and patience, but I could eventually catch him by simply following him around at a walk. If he trotted away I didn’t chase him, just kept walking after him. I dogged his steps wherever he went and eventually he gave it up. Not sure if every horse would have this reaction, but if you have time to try it maybe it might work for you.

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    1. Lots of patience is the only way of catching my mare when she gets in this mood. Ill even go up to the other horses and give them attention all while my mare glares at me then when I turn to give her attention she stomps off to start circling me again. I wish I knew what exactly was going on inside her head! If only they could speak eh! ๐Ÿ™ˆ

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