Dressage Practice


As my boyfriend joined me at the yard today I thought I would do some schooling rather than hack. When we got down to the school we realised that the dressage markers were still out.

So I thought we might as well have a ride in the school and Eva could have a good look at them and get used to them.






Of course what did we find scary, was it the white markers ? Nah, it was the navy chair so that every time we passed by she had to tuck her bum in.

I designed a little exercise for us to get us thinking and bending, as with my mare it is always best to have some sort of plan or I end up fighting a loosing battle with her attention span.

Working on the right rein in trot from R to V we would cross in the diagonal in shoulder-in to the right. As we approach V we straighten up and as we reach the track we move in to canter. We would canter round to C were would come down to trot. We trotted from C to S. From S to P shoulder-in to the left and as we approach P straighten up and move up in to canter. We would canter round to C and begin the exercise again.

I did the exercise twice then break for a minute before repeating the exercise twice more.


I didn’t do too much else other than cooling her down by allowing her to stretch out.

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