Lets get started…

Nothing would be done to her without her prior agreement.


I have owned my mare for coming up to 3 years now and we have certainly had a few hiccups along the road – nothing major – but those small slightly annoying things, you know, like generally not having enough money to afford a horse and while my brain knew this my heart still screamed “BUY THE BLOODY HORSE”

So in 2015 I bought my first ever horse! A b-e-a-tiful 6 year old 17.2hh chestnut mare with a attitude meaning that nothing would be done to her without her prior agreement. Very much a mare who gets her knickers in a twist and will do her very best to swiftly exit a situation that she doesn’t like. But over the years she has definitely settled down. When I first bought her, we would attempt to go out on a hack but some where on the hack – whether that be as I am about to put my foot in the stirrup or at any random point – she would decide that enough is enough and she execute her talent of reverse speed bucking but now I can jump on and off we go, out on our own exploring new hacks. Occasionally she will throw the toys out the pram but after 5/10 minutes of a tantrum she realises she is not getting a rise out of me and she will continue on.

I bought her a little on the skinny side, put her in a field with lots of good grass where she promptly inflated and to this day I am still trying to work off that podge. Every time I think “Ooo we have lost a bit”, some good weather comes along and she re-inflates like a balloon.

We have recently moved to a yard which holds competitions and clinics on a regular basis so we are primed ready to start getting lessons and entering some competitions but a job change for me means it will be August before I get the chance to enter anything new. In saying that, it means I have the whole of July to really work on getting her fit so that when we can get those entries in to clinics and competitions we are fit enough to make the most of it.

So here we are, having made the move to a yard where I hope to really start progressing my mares ridden career, I have decided to start a blog where I can document our progress and share any interesting articles e.c.t that I come across.



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